Short cutting times
Short cutting times
br> ■90° 400 x 350 mm
■+70° 400 x 350 mm
■- 70° 390 x 350 mm
■+60° 380 x 350 mm
■- 60° 355 x 350 mm
■+45° 315 x 350 mm
■- 45° 275 x 350 mm
■+30° 225 x 350 mm
Min. Working Range 
■Min. 10 x 10 mm


Drive Performance 驅動功率
■Saw Motor Power 鋸條驅動電機3.0 KW
■Hydraulic Power 􁾮壓單元電機1.5 KW
Cutting Speed 鋸切速度􃸦鋸條轉速􃸧15-90 m/min
Saw Band Feed 鋸條進給速度0-300 mm/min
Fast approach 進刀速度2500 mm/min
Dimensions Saw Band 鋸條尺寸5730 x 34 x 1.1 mm

working height 􁕤􀰸􃧗􁗘􃸦􁆅􃠃􃸧720 mm
www.wmyru.icupressed air-connection 連接壓縮空氣8 bar
air consumption 􂜵􁺻􁾘􂪖500 NL/min
Weight 􃔜􃔞3.6 t
Machine dimensions 􁮘􁃾􁑻2710 x 4520 x 2150 mm
Electrical equipment 電氣設備400 V, 50 Hz

Construction 結構
■Solid twin pillar construction
Long lasting investment for sustainable investment
Short cutting times

Self-adjusting profile clamping 􂮬動調節型材夾緊裝置
■Horizontal and vertical clamping 􁻈􁖹􀿴􁆶􂔤夾緊裝置
■Positioned directly adjacent to the saw band 夾緊位置緊鄰鋸切位置
■Clamping pressure can be adjusted manually 夾緊壓力可手動調節
■Return stroke limitation for material repositioning
Great material fixation 􃠀􁖖􁋲􂓗􁆺􁮦夾緊
Less vibration for longer lifetime of saw band 􁡂􁋓􂿦夾工藝使鋸切
Opportunities of adjustments of clamping devices for different
materials 􁰿􁤣􀭙􀾠􁮦􁩱􀾍實現自動調節
Low non-productive times 􀰪􃠀􂏕產性時間

Miter cuts free of length corrections 􃧗􂢭􁗘轉角鋸切
■Rotation point is in intersection of datum line and saw band
■Length correction calculations are not possible 無需進行長度計算矯正
Automatic switching for rapid approach to feed rate
■Automatic switching point determination by clamping device
Cutting pressure control 鋸切壓力控制
■Cutting pressure is measured in both band guidances.
■Pressure is visualised and adjusted automatically.壓力可視化且自動調整
High process reliability and excellent quality 􃧗鋸切可靠性和質量
Low cycle times 鋸􀸩􁚠環效率􃧗
High operation control and www.wmyru.icufort 簡單舒適的操作控制